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Features of Kriti LIMS

Laboratory Workflow Management

Laboratory Workflow Management is a Business Process Management Application for laboratories towards managing the Process lifecycle of the Analytical Testing Laboratories. Customer service, Sample Tracking, Sample Collection, Registration, Work Allocation, Sample preparation, Sample Feasibility, Test Result entry,

Instrument Interface, Status Tracking, Invoicing, Receivable Monitoring,Test Result Printing, Report Generation, electronic Distribution of Test Reports, Management Information System, Business Intelligence statements towards maintaining an efficient work process management and Decision Support System.

Sample Management

Sample Management features of Kriti LIMS helps you to configure the Products for which Testing facilities are available in the lab. Products can be configured according to the Laboratory requirements. The System also has facility to configure Standards, Methods, Permissible values, Limits with Proper validation and controls.

Sample preparation,sample storage,Sample details, Pseudo numbering, Barcode label printing facilities are provided according to the customer.

Customer Management

Customer profiling and servicing is the most critical in all Institutions. Kriti LIMS provide a very sophisticated system for profiling and managing customers and prospects. Managing proposals, Follow ups, Negotiations and monitoring the samples and business activities in an efficient manner. The solution helps to create

Invoice, Contracts and Accounts of the customer.Customer profiling module keep confidential information pertains to the customer in a perfect manner.

Laboratory Finance & Accounts

Financial and accounting management functions of Kriti LIMS helps to create and monitor Invoices for the services provided. Accounts the payments received towards efficient credit control and revenue monitoring. An efficient Decision Support System is available towards Laboratory Financial Accounting.


An efficient administration of Laboratories, Users, Divisions, Products, Functions, Services are possible in Kriti LIMS with much convenience to handle large number of scientific and non-scientific users, administrators and functional divisions. Efficient Security and Controls make Kriti LIMS confirming to Regulatory

requirements to meet the Audit and Accreditation requirements as per ISO standards.

Management Information System

The built-in libraries of Kriti LIMS help to build an efficient Business Intelligence and Decision Support System for laboratory performance monitoring. To enable well informed Decision making by collecting information from various divisions and consolidating data and information from various business units, branches and other

territories. The centralized MIS system helps to monitor events, functions, performance and reduce risks. An effective intervention is possible towards improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Instrument and Systems Interface

Instrument interface tools and Electronic data extraction tools of Kriti LIMS helps to extract, transform and load data to LIMS from multiple sources. The interface tool helps to capture and manage data on the required format from Instrumentation systems, ERP and standard Office Tools.

Custom interface tools as well as global interface tools are available for connecting with Instruments, Electronic data sources and Applications.

Add on Features

e-Mail & SMS

e-mail alert systems helps to provide email on Acknowledgement of Sample Receipts, Report Ready, Invoice Ready and Test Results. SMS alert is also possible on Acknowledgement of Sample Receipts, Report Ready, Invoice Ready and Test Results. This way laboratories can save

huge effort and resources to handle customer service.

Instrument Management

Instrument Management Module helps to record, monitor and track the functional aspects of the Instruments acquired by the Laboratory. Segregate Assets on various Groups, Classifications, Categories and Methods. Maintenance, Repair, Insurance,Calibration, Performance Monitoring etc. are possible through the

system. Facilities to record User wise or Department wise holdings, Effective and Efficient administration of Assets are permitted by the System. Asset/ Instrument Management Module facilitate asset management, calibration schedules and records. Asset Management Module helps to Track the Repairs, Maintenance, Service Details of the Equipments and Instruments.

Chemicals Management

Chemical Consumption Management System facilitates to record the tentative usage of Chemicals and Reagents used in the laboratory based on the testing conducted in the laboratory. Consumption, wastage and consumption pattern can be assessed through Consumption Monitoring System. Facility is provided to record

division wise and user wise consumption information.

Online Certificate Distibution

This is a solution for distribute Test Certificates globally through your Web Server. Certificate distribution system is used for online test certificate distribution from your Laboratory. The customers can search, view and print the Test certificates pertain to them. e-Verification system of Test Reports is an online verification

system of Test Reports issued in electronic format to customers. Third party who receives such electronic Test Reports can verify the authenticity of the Test Reports online.This would bring more credibility to the lab and helps organizations to build better business opportunities with potential quality conscious customers and improve business.

Customer Portal

Online self service module helps laboratories to handle customer interaction in a professional manner by providing portal services for the following. The maintenance and distribution of Test Report,Invocie and Receipts are permitted through a secured web server.Test Report, Invoice, Receipts printing services

facilitates customers to print Test Report,Invoices and Receipts at their convenience. This would help to save substantial effort towards distribution of Test Report,Invoices and Receipts. Laboratories can make use of their resources in a more meaningful fashion. Online status tracking facility enables labs to reduce lot of telephonic and over the counter queries on sample status. Online sample booking facilitates clients to book the samples online for testing as well as witnessing the testing services. It also helps the lab to register samples as and when received without much additional effort after verification of sample condition.

Material & Asset Management

Material & Asset Management to manage multiple Stores, Inventory Materials and Assets of organizations. The solution takes care of total Business Process Management lifecycle of Material Acquisition, Accounting and Administration in a totally paperless environment from a Cloud platform. The solution is built on a centralized web

technology to support multiple Branches, Divisions and establishments of Institutions. The solution facilitates to the following business process and functions Online Indent processing, Multiple Approvals, Purchase Order Management, Online Stores Accounting, Materials Inward, Material Inspection, Material Issues, Assets Management etc .For more details visit

Sales & Marketing Management

Laboratory Marketing/Sales Management operations consists of enquiry handling, proposal making, follow up activities and order closure of lifecycle are handled through the sales and marketing module. Activities of each executives also can be monitored through the system. Organisations having large number of sales

work force can make use of the system in an efficient fashion and monitor the performance Online. Executive wise, division wise, region wise performance monitoring is also possible through the system.

Complaints Management

Customer complaints management module helps Customer Service division register and monitor complaints received against laboratory services. The complaint lifecycle activities of Registration, Investigation, Record investigation details, Root cause analysis, corrective actions, Action proposed/taken and conclusion etc are

handled through this module.

Document Management

Laboratories needs to maintain several Records and Documents as well as Data. An efficient Document Management System can help laboratories to maintain their Documents and Records existing in papers, e-mail, electronic or in digital media. Systematic control of the Creation,Maintenance, Use, and Disposition

of Records are possible through the system. A Comprehensive and Centralised solutions to manage all Records regardless of file formats, content types including electronic Records and email and physical Records. , the period of time that Documents are in the custody of the organisation, as per the requirement. ISO audit records, SOPs, other Documents and Libraries can be maintained on Online Document Management System.

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