Metallurgy LIMS

Metallurgy Testing Laboratory Information Management System

Metallurgy LIMS

Metallurgy testing
Metallurgy LIMS

A Resource Management, Business Process and Workflow Management System for Metallurgical Testing Laboratories. A most suitable LIMS for Metals and Minerals. Testing management on Physical, Chemical, Mechanical, Corrosion, Metallographic parameters can be configured and managed as per the laboratory resources.

KRITI LIMS Metallurgical Testing Laboratory Information Management system is a totally web based highly configurable, flexible solution for Metallurgical Testing Laboratories. Kriti LIMS takes care of Total Business Process & Workflow Automation activities of Chemical Testing Labs. The solution manages functions and procedures of Testing activities. Sample Booking, Tracking, Testing, Quality Control, R& D, Test Report Printing, Online Test Report Generation, Billing, Accounting, MIS and Business Intelligence Module. Cloud based solutions are also available for configuring multiple Laboratories and establishments.

The Solution is customised to the exclusive Business Process activities of Finished Products, Raw Materials, Intermediate Products to ensure Quality, Standards and Specifications.

"No more boring and Time consuming Implementation Schedules.Just Configure and run you Lab within three Working Days.Kriti LIMS Cloud Version helps you to remotedly run your Lab without any Hassels.Get ahead before the competetion Conquers you"